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Verizon jumps on double data bandwagon, finally.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. October 3, 2014

Image of a Verizon data plan

Rejoice users of the Verizon network, Big Red has finally hopped on the double data bandwagon. Announced on a blog post, Verizon has outlined that most of their MORE plans will see a data increase without the burden of extra prices. Starting with the 20GB plans, every plan on up will get a 2x data increase. The 12GB plan will see a small jump to 15GB and the 16GB will have a nice sized chunk added to meet 30GB.

The promotion is limited time, starting now through October 31. While the deal may be limited, the increase is expected to last the life of the contract. No word if it will expire if or when the contract is re-upped for a new commitment period.

Took Verizon long enough, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile have all already circled the wagons and announced double data. Granted AT&T took almost as long with Sprint and T-Mobile leading the charge. I’m not on contract right now but I’m seriously considering sliding back to a carrier for these slick deals. Which is what the big four want, more subscribers.

What do you think geeks? Has Verizon done the right thing, will you make a jump to another carrier or is it of little concern to you? Hit me up in the comments and be heard.

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