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Verizon overhaul comes at cost of more expensive plans.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. July 5, 2016

Remember when we broke news that Verizon was going to offer up Carryover Data, Safety Mode and Free Canada and Mexico Access? Remember how good that felt? Keep that feeling in mind as Verizon is going to crush your soul with raised prices.


That’s right Verizon loving geeks, the big V is set to increase prices across the board on all their plans to make up for the additional perks they’re giving out. They plan to ease the pain slightly by increasing data thresholds a tad but really?

Every plan from the tiny S all the way to the grande XXL will see a price increase. How it breaks down is as follows:

  • S will now be 2GB for $35
  • M will now be 4GB for $50
  • L will now be 8GB for $70
  • XL will now be 16GB for $90
  • XXL will now be 24GB for 110

It doesn’t seem like much for those of you already paying for the most expensive carrier in the States but the extra data and perks may be enough to keep some folks on Verizon.

With Sprint grabbing their old pitchman and T-Mobile annihilating carriers with their Un-Carrier bit, I don’t know if Verizon can stay number one for long.

Well geeks, what do you think? Is the price increase enough to make one finally leave the mighty Verizon in the dust or will you stay? What would it take to make you leave? Let us know down below!

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