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Verizon possibly pulling a 180, might be offering carryover data.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 29, 2016

Oh data, how we treasure you. When we’re home and on WiFi, we drink you up like we can’t get enough but the second we have to leave home, we’re guarding you like we’re Smaug. The problem is, we can’t keep filthy hobbitses from pilfering our riches.

Data gets used up quickly and soon, soon we’re faced with that dreaded decision: turn off mobile data or pay the overage fee. Some companies have loosened up but the mighty Verizon has been stoic in its resolve to not offer either carryover data or any form of unlimited data. Well, times, they may be a’changin’.

According to a leaked image, Verizon may be set to offer peeps carryover data, good for 30 days. Use it within the next month or it goes bye bye. Which is pretty much what its current rival AT&T does, surprise us this does not.

It's a Verizon image

The other neat bit coming from the image is that Verizon may be doing away with the horrible $15 a gig overage fee. Instead, users can instead activate Safety Mode, which will throttle data down to slower speeds. This is free with the XL and XXL plans but users of smaller sized plans can add Safety Mode for an additional $5 a month.

Good news for Verizon customers who travel to Canada and Mexico as well. Now they can use their service in those countries without forking over more moola for roaming charges. This includes talk, text and data and will also be a free perk for those enrolled in the XL and XXL plans. There’s alleged to be a way for the lesser plans to get this perk too for more money but we haven’t heard what that would cost yet.

Verizon has yet to confirm nor deny although we’re hearing that they might announce something July 1 or maybe for the 4th. Big time fireworks?

If this 180 confuses you, it really shouldn’t. While Verizon said they wouldn’t go chasing customers, the truth is they have to. The company has to continue to not only keep the subscribers they have but also court new ones as well. That means keeping up with the Jones so to speak. It’s a cutthroat business and customers are very fickle.

Any Verizon peeps out there? Does this bit of possible good news make you happy? What about my fellows on other networks? Thinking about jumping ship? Let me know in them there comments below!

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