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Video Game for Aspiring Musicians, and Skilled players Alike; Rocksmith 2014

written by Sin July 18, 2015
This is what we are used to using.

This is what we are used to using.

For many years gamers who also had an interest in learning to play the guitar only had one of two options; Rockband or Guitar Hero. Rockband tipping the scales heavily in their favour over Guitar Hero, with their early additions of extra instruments.

Getting closer...

Getting closer…

I personally have owned/do own a few versions of Rockband, and find it quite fun and entertaining. Especially in a party/friend setting (even more so if drinks are involved). I also briefly owned the first evolution of Guitar Hero. It didn’t last long, and was sold soon after the acquisition of the first Rockband.

Drunk on life... Yeah.. That's it...

Drunk on life… Yeah.. That’s it…

Despite Rockband being a load of fun, and having dumped quite a bit of money into it acquiring more songs that myself and my friends enjoyed, it still seemed to be missing something. Cue in Rocksmith 2014 by Ubisoft.

That's more like it...I think I need to own this.

That’s more like it…I think I need to own this.

Rocksmith introduced a novel idea…. A real instrument (with the inclusion of a special patchcord to USB cable with the game). Any guitar or bass guitar works, and you can even buy bundles that come with lower-end models of guitars. I started off by using one of the small neck guitars that I found online and it worked perfectly. They set up the game similar (yet different) than Rockband/Guitar Hero in that you keep the falling coloured notes. The change? You’re playing real notes, real chords, and playing a real living breathing song. It adapts to your skill level not only for that song in general, but for that bridge, chorus etc. I also came across Chords for guitar which I wanted to make sure I practiced on. You can only be the best if you practice.

With multiple tools, videos, and mini-games to help you on your way, it is actually a quick and extremely efficient way of learning the guitar (or bass as they have also added in the option to toggle between the two). You can also have someone play alone with a second cable, or even have someone jump in on the mic and follow along with the lyrics (Although unlike Rockband, singing isn’t registered or measured, but more like a karaoke). If Rockband is able to inspire you to learn guitar, then you definitely may be interested in an effects pedal like the Zoom G1Xon. After you’ve checked out a review of it on Reviewingthis, you may decide that this is the perfect tool for all of your newfound musical efforts.

Now you may be asking why in 2015 I bring this to you now, but I feel it doesn’t nearly get the attention it deserves. It is fun and effective for the newest of beginners, and remains a fun way to learn songs or nail that solo that’s been nagging you for skilled players. If you’re a gamer, and interested in learning, I highly recommended you check out Rocksmith 2014!

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