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Virtual Reality Then and Now

written by Jesse L June 20, 2015


As I’m sitting here unable to sleep thinking about how gaming tech has grown so quickly. From consoles that were so popular that they awoken the gaming revolution or consoles that were made way before their time and were consider gimmicks. But now it seems history is starting to repeat itself with the next-gen consoles. Not just with games but with everything in the gaming world. Especially with Virtual Reality as it starts to take its first true steps in the gaming world.

Virtual reality is not a gimmick its the way of the future that many games have wanted for years. When VR was still young and unheard of for gaming, Nintendo created Virtual Boy and it was a huge failure. It was little red figures and items that you could barely see. Even tho it was not a success it opened the minds of young gamers that will help grow the gaming industry. Those gamers would later invent motion controls like Wii Remote, PlayStation Eye/ Move, and Kinect.

Now we are seeing Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift. This is where I hear a lot of people saying  it will never work or it’s not worth it. The problem with those statements are they have been said before and now we use them in everyday life. When SEGA brought out SEGA CD everyone thought CDs/DVDs would never be the next gaming platform, and if you look now they dominated the gaming world from the mid 90s to today. So lets give VR some time before we judge it to hard. Who knows maybe soon you wont have to use a controller at all and it will be your mind that controls everything. That would truly be a full gaming experience id like to try.

oculusrift1 Project-Morpheus2


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