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Virtual Reality takes painting to an otherworldly level! [VIDEO]

written by Liana "LiLi" R. May 6, 2016

Vocativ, a technological hub, showcased the beautifully intricate use of virtual reality in their stunning visual display of digital art by Tilt Brush. Creating artist masterpieces just took on an all new meaning with this otherworldly use of interactive technology.

The artist shown is seen painting magnificent landscapes with all sorts of colours that seem too good to be true. Seemingly active volcanoes through the use of excellently executed colour dynamics, streamlines of meditative purples and blues – there is even a moment where the artist litters the “canvas” with stars that I can only imagine would steal anyone’s breath away when fully immersed in this experience.

Tilt brush is an app from google that allows the artist to paint in 3D space utilising the evolving technology of virtual reality. With dynamic brushes that let you create whatever your mind can come up with, be it fire, smoke, or the entire galaxy at your fingertips, Tilt Brush brings art to an unbelievable level.

Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

This creative app also allows you to animate your art and share them with friends as either a virtual reality movie or a small, yet interactive, GIF. The possibilities are endless as virtual reality bridges the gap between artist and their art. Let your mind create all new worlds to walk in, be a part of, and be proud of.

Tilt Brush will be available on Steam specifically for the HTC Hive, the program is available now.

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