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Netflix Turns it Up to 11 In Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2, New Allies and More! (TRAILER)

written by Jason Marcano January 5, 2017
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Netflix and Dreamworks are following up Voltron: Legendary Defender‘s amazing first season with a second that’s poised to top it in every way!

Voltron 2017

The new trailer, just released today and posted below for your viewing pleasure, highlights the strength of the bond the five heroes established in the first season. Those bonds look to be put to the test as Zarkon continues his relentless pursuit of the five lions. No corner of space is safe from Zarkon’s vision for the castle-ship, The Castle of Lions.

We also get to see some some new faces – both good and evil. First we catch a glimpse of another person who is clad in a suit similar to Keith, the one who finds him. It appears he is emerging from an escape pod or crashed ship. Next we are introduced to a few quick flashes of what are presumably new Robeast sent by Zarkon to thwart Voltron’s efforts.

Check out the action packed trailer for yourself!

It was nice to see that the show will still have some of the funnier bits and not get too serious. Season one found a nice balance between the slapstick and weighty subject matter so it’s nice to see that carry over. The voice cast has only gotten stronger as well. Josh Keaton, Tyler Labine, Jeremy Shada, Bex Taylor-Klaus, and Steven Yeun were stellar in season one and appear to have only gotten more comfortable with their characters.

There are so many questions as well; Will Pidge find her family? Who is that mysterious person Keith is pulling out of the ship? How will they stop Zarkon from knowing where they’re always at?

What did you geeks think of the Voltron: Legendary Defender season 2 trailer? I personally can’t wait until it premieres January 20th. Were you fans of season 1? How hyped are you for season 2? Let us know what you think about Voltron in the comments below.

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