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The Walking Dead is Finally Bringing Us a Naked Zombie

written by Dominic Gomez February 16, 2018
Walking Dead zombies with censor bars

If you’ve ever been watching The Walking Dead and you thought to yourself ‘man I’d really love to know what one of those walkers looks like naked’. You may have some issues, and you’re in luck. Sometime in the second half of this current season, that starts February 25, our eyeballs will be treated to a fully nude walker. According to the show’s executive producer Greg Nicotero;

There’s an episode where we did our first fully nude walker. We’ve never done that before.

Just because something has never been done doesn’t mean that it needs to be. While I’m not exactly looking forward to seeing a naked zombie, I suppose it was bound to happen. I mean I’m sure some people turned while doing some naked activities. In the interview done with Entertainment Weekly, Nicotero goes on to talk about things besides naked zombies. If you haven’t finished the first half of the season yet please read no further. The following will contain some spoilers.

When asked how much of the second half is about winning the war against Negan, Nicotero had this to say.

 I think the second half of the season, there’s much less talking about what’s going on. Clearly, the balance has shifted. Now that Negan and his group have escaped the Sanctuary, there’s not as much talking about what the ramifications are of what we’re going to do, but now our group has to be on the defensive because Negan’s out and he’s pissed and it’s definitely a different dynamic than the first half of the season.

Sounds like Negan might be on a bit of a warpath during the second half of the season. Which makes a lot of sense, he’s not exactly a pacifist. To me, the even more interesting part comes from when he is asked about Maggie and her state of mind. We can’t forget how much she lost in the season opener.

One of the most powerful moments in the midseason finale was what Maggie did. I remember watching the cut out of the gate, and when she pulled the trigger and then turned and walked away, you just saw that weight on her. She’s still human. She still has morals, so she’s at odds with how to move forward. She knows that there are things that she’s going to have to do that she’s probably not going to believe in. We’re going to see a lot more of that in the second half of the season, where Maggie comes into direct conflict with what her morals are and who she should be versus protecting her people and protecting the hilltop. It’s pretty polarizing what she does and what she’s able to do, and we have some great things to see from her.

I find this very interesting considering the news of Lauren Cohan possibly walking (see what I did there?) away from the show. Are you tuning in just to see a naked zombie? Let us know in the comments!

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