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Wally West to become Kid Flash on Season 3 of The Flash

written by Jordan Cobb July 15, 2016

For those wondering when Wally West would be zooming around Central City on The Flash, wonder no more!

The CW has released photos of Keiynan Lonsdale in the Kid Flash costume on the Facebook and Twitter pages for the show.


The hugely beloved character made his debut when Lonsdale joined on as a series regular last season where he was revealed to be the unknown son and sister of Joe and Iris West, a change from normally being Iris’ nephew.

A second particle accelerator explosion affected both Wally and Jesse Wells, the daughter of Harrison Wells from Earth 2, when Harrison tried to help Barry get his speed back. Neither showed any sign of having the Speed Force and its worth nothing that Kid Flash will debut in the season premiere, meaning because of Barry going back in time and saving his mother from Reverse Flash, this most likely isn’t the same Wally we got to know last season.


In terms of Flashpoint though, TV Wally is getting a better deal than the original comics character who was absent for so long during the New 52 before finally showing up. That Wally was a bit closer to the one we see on the series,. The original Wally West is back via DC Rebirth, but that doesn’t mean the Wally we got before is going away. They will both exist in the DC Universe. Superhero comics are sometimes complicated.

No doubt fans are incredibly excited as Wally West is as immensely popular and beloved character. This stems from his days as a founding member of the Teen Titans, Mark Waid’s classic run on The Flash in the ’90s, and of course being a main character on Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Young Justice.

How excited are you for Kid Flash? How long do you think Wally will remain as Kid Flash? Like the costume? Let is know in the comments below!

See Wally run alongside Barry Allen when season 3 of The Flash premieres on the CW on October 4.


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