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War of the Worlds Series Headed to MTV!

written by Jude Kasekamp October 15, 2016
Martian tripod fighting machine attacking city

War of the Worlds Martian tripod fighting machine attacking cityWar of the Worlds is being remade for MTV by the same guys that remade Teen Wolf for MTV. That series worked out really well for Andrew Cochran and Jeff Davis, so now they’re teaming up with The Firm’s Josh Barry and Jeff Kwatinetz to repeat the formula.

Teen Wolf is evidence that MTV can successfully remake an old story into a young adult TV show. Their audience loves to see attractive people getting into all kinds of trouble – whether it’s relationship drama or more life-threatening. The War of the Worlds, originally penned by H.G. Wells, is a classic story that has already been remade several times and in various ways – films, radio plays, TV series, etc. Do we really need another unoriginal series though?

Whenever a remake is announced, plenty of people (geeks and non-geeks alike) ask for more original content instead. Even so, networks and studios continue to repackage old stories, and we keep watching them! The question with an MTV project like this is how close they will stick to the original material. If it’s too close, it might get criticized for not being creative enough. If it’s too different, it might get criticized for drifting away from the source. It really is a delicate balance!

Most of us who are comic book fans have no problem with Marvel and DC continuing to bring our favourite heroes to life. This is most evident in how many Batman films we’ve had in our lifetimes. Can the same argument be made for classic novels? What do you think?

Only time will tell if this show ends up being true to H.G. Wells’ work, or if the only thing that justifies the title is an alien invasion. In the meantime, I’ll go sit through Tom Cruise’s version again because I’m a fiend for destruction porn.

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