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More Warcraft Film Hype: New Video Shows The Creation Of Orcs [VIDEO]

written by Liana "LiLi" R. May 17, 2016

It’s coming – the release date of the highly anticipated film Warcraft based off the game series by Blizzard is almost upon us! The excitement keeps building as more and more promo videos keep appearing. We’ve gotten to meet Durotan, Garona, and more as well as learned some behind the scenes action on how the film almost didn’t happen.

In this video, it goes into detail about how the production team managed to utilize visual effects in order to accurately and realistically depict Orcs with both their bodies and their emotional range. Industrial Light & Magic are the geniuses behind these visual masterpieces and you might recognize that name from other large works such as Captain America: Civil War and Star Wars. 


Animation supervisor Hal Hickel introduces us to the process of bringing Warcraft to life:

“[We] had to create a a whole race of orcs that had to hold their own against the live actors in the film. “

Jeff White, the visual effects supervisor weighs in on how to make the movements more traditional while remaining true to the characters. He speaks about some of the orcs we will see within the movie and how they became a reality:

“The first shot that we delivered was a close-up of Durotan. Very subtle, yet there were important moments there to bring the character to life. It was really our way to show all the film makers that ‘Yes, we can pull these orcs off,’ and when they first saw it, they were floored.”

The hair … oh, the hair! The grooming and movement using CGI is flawless. So much so that they jokingly referred to the process as “Haircraft.”


Don’t take my word for it, this video is an awesome treat for any fans of the franchise as well as any tech Geeks in the house. Check out the video below and don’t forget to check out the film when it hits theatres June 10th.

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