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Warhold – A new kind of dark fantasy

written by Liana "LiLi" R. April 19, 2016

There is a new action arena game coming your way as InQuake Softworks unveils their newest dark fantasy title, Warhold.

Warhold is an online action game that puts you as the player in the role of being the Sovereign of your own city-state in-game. Your world, your domain, is built on the support and flow of immense magical energy. In a world thrust into chaos after war, people of all types will come seeking haven in your city. Build your army, build your loyal following by strengthening them as your soldiers as well as the laborers that will keep your Warhold intact.


“As the Sovereign ruler of your own Warhold, you have the power to erect buildings for the manufacturing of goods and the extraction of resources, as well as military fortresses. Another responsibility you will have as Sovereign is to maintain and improve the living conditions of your subjects, because unhappy, dissatisfied people may turn to rioting. A wise Sovereign will give ample attention to the construction of new dwellings, markets, and temples, and will always find a moment to listen to the requests of his people and assign them tasks on the basis of their talents. Many Sovereigns, however, feel the true taste of absolute power and choose a darker path to become ruthless tyrants who worship before dark Gods, demand human sacrifices, and keep their subjects in a state of fear. What kind of Sovereign will you be in the Warhold world?”


In InQuake’s press release, the independent developer launched their pre-alpha for Warhold which will utilise the latest Unreal 3D Engine 4 technology. With MMO and strategic elements to the game style, you can hone in your abilities as the Sovereign by strengthening your magic, exploring open worlds, and fighting your way for control and freedom – use your knowledge of ancient magics to defeat powerful foes and build your army of heroes.

For fans of titles such as Civilization and Total War, Warhold has the right amount of political and strategic mechanisms to engage your mind and help the player shape a world of their choosing. But you aren’t going to be the only Sovereign … just as you build yourself and your Warhold, so are other Sovereign doing with theirs. Combat other players in epic battles to achieve your true reign.

This title includes intricate character progression as well as an engaging story-line. You can choose from four professions, each with their own specialty for achieving ultimate control:

There are also three modes of game-play:


To learn more about this dangerous and dark world, stay with us over here at DHTG for all of the latest and greatest. You can also see more of the game on their website as well as watch the epic trailer featured at the top of the article.

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