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Welcome Home – Fallout 4

written by Yelliaes July 18, 2015


Is anyone else feeling that giddy excitement for what is sure to be claimed as the best game of the year? I, for one, am definitely waiting for nothing else as much as this one.  Fallout has been one of the best series that I have ever played, with in-depth storytelling, great environments, and even a soundtrack that helps put you into the mind of the character you are playing, with rifts that help place you in the attitude of the main cast.

With all that was before, more goodies have been shown to us as well. Included in our Santa’s bag of fun stuff:

  • We see the first speaking character, there is a database of names prerecorded for your character so you are called by name when someone learns it
  • The new crafting system that allows you to build your own village complete with security, trading posts, even a doghouse for your new in-game friend
  • New crafting abilities to modify your weapons beyond comprehension of what they were before
  • Every item you find out in the world now has a purpose for something, like breaking them down and using them as components for the crafting system
  • We are seeing new enemies and creatures, and even a few more crazier designed old ones
  • The detail is phenomenal, when you see inside your suit of power armor, you see every aspect that makes it work
  • And how about playing arcade style games on your Pipboy… in-game!

Take a look here at the E3 footage if you haven’t had the chance yet, and also the gameplay exploration that was just released today, HD and uncut, no interruptions!

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