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Ever Want To Be The Architect Of Your Own Westworld?

written by Johnny Perkins March 15, 2018
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Play God

Ever wanted to be just like Ford and create your own Westworld? Sweetwater recently came back to life at SXSW. There HBO recreated the Westworld town in near perfect detail. Those lucky enough were able to experience what it would like to go to the amazing theme park. HBO got every detail right including personalized letters for the guests. So for those of us not lucky enough to go to Austin this year, we now have a way to be a part of Westworld.

SXSW westworld

Where Life Begins

Westworld the mobile game is coming. In a fashion that fans are accustom to, the game is currently about the hype. In early pre-registration, those who want to play must wait until the park is completed. I signed up a few days ago and am anxiously awaiting the April release. The game is teasing complete control. You will work as a park employee and control everything from the storylines on the back end to the hosts on the front end. You’ll be in charge of making sure guests are taken care of by the hosts and fulfill their desires.

westworld mobile game

These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

Assuming there will be tie-ins to the show, myself and others wait very impatiently for the release to happen. At the time of this article, the pre-registration progress bar is at 25% done. There is something else interesting on the website for the game worth noting. All the way at the bottom of the page there is a pod with two glitched out videos. These are my best guess on the tie-in to season two. The “DELOS HUMAN RESOURCES” pod has a “PLACEMENT TEST” and a “BEGIN ORIENTATION”. Maybe these videos will shed light on what’s to come. Then again maybe they are just how to videos so players can learn the game better. But let’s be honest, the way this show is, that is very unlikely.

Will You Play the Westworld Mobile Game? Are You Excited for Season Two? Let Us Know in the Comments.

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