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Let the Uprising Begin in this Westworld Season 2 Teaser

written by Johnny Perkins February 5, 2018

Westworld is Finally Coming Back!

HBO’s mega-popular show Westworld, the reboot hit of 2016, is finally coming back this April 22 with season 2 and the teaser dropped during the Super Bowl! Check it out below!

“Runaway” by Kanye West on piano plays gently in the background growing with intensity as the peaceful old west world erupts into chaos. The teaser builds on last season’s ending of the uprising from the “hosts”. Death, destruction, and fire for season 2 as the host’s make it their world.

Maeve and Bernard

The Wait is Almost Over

After the first season left many of us wanting more and left waiting for two years, our wait is finally over. The next season is promising some of the same, and something more from what we can gather. We still don’t know, based on this teaser, if we will get to see any of the other worlds. So far it looks like we’ll still be focused on the western setting. However, hopefully, we’ll be getting a few more answers to questions we still don’t know about. Unlike a lot of other shows, I’m looking at you Lost, this show did give us a lot of answers to the big mysteries of its first season. For me, I’m hoping to find out if Ford is still alive. But there are a ton more questions that need to be answered, like who’s in what timeline? Who remembers or knows what, and, is Maeve, Dolores, Bernard, and the other host are running on or off script?

Westworld Still

With April fast approaching, one thing is certain, season 2 looks to be one hell of a ride. The expected ten-episode season will be too short again for us and we’ll soon be waiting for season 3, should it come (Hopefully)! This show is a complex, intriguing maze that hopefully, we’ll be able to maneuver through for many more seasons. I expect good things soon.

Westworld Finale

What are you expecting from the new season? Are you excited? Let us know in the comments!

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