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What Does Being A ‘Wonder Woman’ Mean To You?

written by Quinzel Lee May 26, 2017
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With the hype of the upcoming Wonder Woman film set to premiere on June 2nd, I asked random women one simple question:

What Does Being A ‘Wonder Woman’ Mean To You?

The responses were inspiring and heartfelt. Most people didn’t take more than a second to really think about it. People from all walks of life answered, mother’s teachers, comic convention staff, and even college students. If you are looking for your geeky uplift of the day. Check out these quotes below on what is means to be a ‘wonder woman’.

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Being a wonder woman means knowing when to work alone and when to call upon friends. It means know what your strengths are and how to use them. It also means recognizing your friend’s strengths and encouraging them to step up and out.
Being a Wonder Woman means knowing you are connected to a sisterhood and honoring that while honoring yourself.
– Kate Wood, High School English Teacher
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Worrying more about shattering glass ceilings than fitting glass slippers. That’s what it means to me.
-Maggie Little, Supervillian Extraordinaire
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It means being my own wonder woman. Being good enough just for myself and no one else. Being wonder woman is being strong and knowing when to pick your battles. Being wonder woman is being able to take my meds every day. Its being able to function in an oppressive world.
-Angel Goldenberg, Full time student/archivist/inter-sectional feminist
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Being a wonder woman means teaching your kid to wipe their own butt. Totally kidding! Being a wonder woman means never being too hard on yourself. It means embracing your flaws and the flaws in others. It’s working to be the best version of yourself, not who others think you should be.
– Kelsea Dubuque, mother of two wonder women in training
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Being a wonder woman to me is simply being. A woman doesn’t have to do anything to be special.
– Chelseaa Callaway, Phlebotomist and Champion of Spelling Her Own Name
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I feel that any woman can be a Wonder Woman. You don’t have to be an Amazon Princess to be a wonder woman.  It is inside you.  It’s how you treat people and what you do to make this world a better place.  Whether that is a huge wondrous thing or just making a sad person smile. That is what makes a person Wonder Woman. Though, that lasso of truth would come in handy from time to time!
– Kim Lovelady, Con Mom and Lover Of All Things Wonder Woman
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 Being a Wonder Woman is when the whole world is against her, she wipes her tears away and carries on! She is strong when she has to be and mothering when she is needed. – Karri Henley, Extremely Tired of Watching Peppa Pig (but loves her baby anyway)
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To me, being a Wonder Woman means having confidence and showing it with every step [and] every action. It means being capable of handling whatever comes my way. -Chris Wise, Literally Everyone’s Mom

These answers made me feel brave enough to put on my tiara and face the world. What does being a ‘Wonder Woman‘ mean to you? Continue the discussion and let us know in the comments below!

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