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Whopper Neutrality Video Delivers Deliciously Devastating Lesson

written by Nathan Richardson January 27, 2018
Burger King Building Net Whopper Neutrality

A strange video appeared within the top trending lineup on YouTube two days ago. In a surprising turn of events, Burger King got in on the net neutrality problem. Their new video, titled “Whopper Neutrality”, was an instant hit on the website and went viral in a very short time. It was initially uploaded on January 24, 2018, and had hit the top five trending videos within a day’s time.

What is Whopper Neutrality?

Whopper neutrality was a concept that Burger King came up with to combat the recent problems revolving around net neutrality laws. Essentially, this was a massive prank with an underlying lesson. Under net neutrality, no business could deny or favor internet access or service in regards to a specific app or source. They cannot block access to websites and they cannot charge money for specific website or feature accessibility.

However, at the end of last year, the laws of net neutrality were cut entirely. Many internet providers did not want this to happen, as they knew it would start an all-out war between them. If one or more of them started making enormous price changes, they all would.


What’s the Video’s Lesson?

Above all, the lesson behind the video is that net neutrality is extremely important. As shown in the video, adding fast and slow lanes on specific types of products, be they whoppers or apps, is a horrible idea. Understandably, the patrons were upset. They’d have to pay $25.99 to get a whopper instantly or spend less and wait for long periods of time. You even had to pay to use their wi-fi! As a result, the patrons learned just what net neutrality was. Burger King tried to get across that this is what the internet’s future will become if net neutrality is not reinstated. Unfortunately, internet providers now have the ability to favor specific browsers, apps, and services, and can speed up or slow down any they wish. Most of all, they can block websites and apps that they don’t particularly like.

What Can We Do to Fight Back?

Net neutrality was a huge part of our lives. Originally, it didn’t seem that horrible when they repealed it. Shortly, our net could become what Burger King showed us. Soon, we may need to pay subscription fees to use a specific browser or our emails. Gamers may have to pay money to an ISP to use Steam on a regular basis, similarly to Xbox Live! However, we can fight back. There are numerous websites where you can write to Congress and sign petitions to bring back our neutrality! Together, we can turn the tide of Ajit Pai and the FCC’s net neutrality repeal and return the net to its proper status.

So, is Burger King accurate in their portrayal of net neutrality? Will this help bring back net neutrality? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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