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Why I Don’t Want Disney to Acquire 20th Century Fox

written by Jordan Cobb December 6, 2017

Ever since the news came out early last month that Disney was reportedly interested in buying 20th Century Fox, the internet blew a gasket. There was a wide range of reactions and thoughts, but at the center of it all was the fact many comic book fans and moviegoers pointed out that Marvel Studios would soon have the film rights back to the properties of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. The many crossover possibilities in the Marvel Cinematic Universe made so many people happy. The talks seemed to cool off for a period, but now an announcement might be made sometime next week about the fate of the deal.

Well when next week rolls around, I sincerely hope Disney does not acquire 20th Century Fox.

Let me state right now, this is not because I don’t want to see the Avengers side-by-side on the big screen next to the X-Men. However, it’s because that’s ALL everyone can seem to really focus on and talk about, and not the fact that Disney once again might swallow up another company into its already gigantic media monopoly.

All anyone can talk about.

That right there is the real problem I have with this news. I love Disney as much as the next guy. So many memories of my life and films and shows that influenced me to be a filmmaker came from Disney, but they have their hands in too many cookie jars. Disney already has Marvel, Lucasfilm, ABC, ESPN, the A&E Networks, various venture capitals, and many more companies in various fields there are way too many to continue listing here. The point is, Disney is very much influential in a lot of ways, but especially in entertainment.

I could go on about the history of 20th Century Fox in Hollywood, but right now I want nothing more than for Fox to keep its own identity within Hollywood, rather than become the latest business to join the House of Mouse. Fans have been clamoring for years and years that the rights to the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and whatever else Marvel sold off to stay afloat in the 1990s to come back. Now they have obviously been successful in a lot of ways about doing that, but I’d rather a deal be made for those rights and those rights alone, rather than buying everything full sale.

Disney acquiring Fox would hurt storytelling in a lot of ways as it might stifle some great innovation on the part of those working at Fox. If Fox and Marvel are still competing against each other, that is a good thing. Competition breeds success and creative ways to do new things. That is mainly why I am against this sale happening.

My mind goes back to the Monday Night Wars. Oh yes, I’m using professional wrestling for my metaphor. When WWE and WCW were going head-to-head on Monday nights with their own respective shows from 1995 all the way to 2001, it was exciting. Each company had their own top stars, ideas, gimmicks, matches, etc., and it led to some very memorable moments in wrestling. Whenever a wrestler would jump from one company to another, it would lead to new possibilities about what matches and storylines we might see on each show. Since WCW folded, there really hasn’t been a company on that level to really challenge WWE. WWE went a bit stagnant at first, implementing a brand spilt between its two shows to keep things exciting.

More to that point, Fox clearly has great plans to further widen and deepen its series of X-Men films. X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be the next part of the series of films since First Class and once again attempt to adapt the Pheonix Saga. Deadpool 2 is coming and introducing new characters such as Cable and Domino. The New Mutants, seriously, the New Mutants are actually getting a film, but it’s going to be in a horror setting, thus setting itself apart from the other films in the franchise. Yeah, I know, I said before the reason the MCU works is that each film does have a different feel and flair to them, but the X-Men films have recently started that. A good case could be made of everything they have done with the Fantastic Four and as huge a Fantastic Four fan I am, I still don’t want that to happen in the manner it could happen in.

But hey, those are just my thoughts on the situation. If you want to see some examples as to why we can’t lose 20th Century Fox’s identity in Hollywood? Go right here and get watching!

What do you think of the news? Do you want Disney to buy Fox? Do you not? Whether you agree or disagree, let us know in the comments below!

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