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A wild mutant appears! X-men Apocalypse

written by Branden H April 25, 2016



Not wanting to rest on his laurels it looks like Bryan Singer is adding to the long list of mutants being represented in the next X-men movie. Yesterday Bryan Singer released an image on Instagram of what appears to be the Blob beaten to a pulp by Ben Hardy’s Angel.  Check it out below and you can see the comments here.

Mutant Martial Arts. Light as a feather. #MMA #Xmen #xmenApocalypse

A photo posted by Bryan Singer (@bryanjaysinger) on


The last time we saw Blob, he was running around in X-men Origins: Wolverine played but the criminally underrated Kevin Durand. I doubt it will be a big part, but it is nice to see Singer showing diversity in the X-men universe. He is hitting a good mix of old and new in these movies and slowly scrubbing away the sins of the past (I’m looking at you X3).  It’s interesting to note that this looks like Angel pre-metal wings which might slot it earlier in the movie. We’ve already seen Nightcrawler duking it out with Angel in one of the trailers.

X-men Apocalypse is scheduled to release May 27th and we’ve already heard rumors about what comes next.

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