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Wildest dreams come true in all new LEGO Worlds video game

written by Melanie Krebs November 30, 2016
lego worlds wild west

Flashback: you’re 8 years old. Your only cares in the world dealt with when your next nap time were and how much time you had left to play with your toys. Most kids at the age were playing with LEGO. They were building whole new worlds. Their only limit was their imagination. Well, that and how many LEGO bricks they had. LEGO have been a household name and go to favorite toy since 1932. Whether it’s from the kids begging for more LEGO or parents cursing the LEGO name every time they stepped on one.

Well, adult-sized kids, your dream has come true. Introducing LEGO Worlds!

lego worlds wild west

You can officially build those kingdoms from your imagination in the new video game LEGO Worlds! LEGO Worlds, much like Minecraft, is an open environment game with worlds that generate on a procedural basis. Worlds are made solely of LEGO bricks in the game. Now you can truly build your own kingdom and your imagination is the only limit to your masterpieces.

Set to release in February of 2017, LEGO Worlds is coming to Xbox One and PS4 with early access on Steam. See some game-play footage below!

Here is some additional footage from one of the beta testers.

So, master builders, time to start conjuring up those worlds! In about 3 months you’ll be able to bring them to life. Make your wildest dreams come true. What will you build first?

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