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WildStar is now free to play

written by Ehre October 5, 2015


I have been looking forward to playing WildStar since it was unveiled in 2011 at Gamescom. The developers described it as a Fantasy / SciFi MMO RPG with strong influences from one of my favorite television shows of all time, Firefly, and I was hooked. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get around to trying it out until this last month when I found out it was going free to play and I have been thoroughly enjoying myself ever since. Developed by Carbine studios and published by NCSoft, WildStar originally went live June 13th of 2014 and had a monthly subscription fee but as of September 29th 2015 the game is now free to play making it well worth a try in my opinion.

I have really had a fun and engaging experience running around on the planet of Nexus. The eight playable races are divided up into two opposing factions, Dominion and Exile. They are vying for control of the new planet and the discovery of hyper advanced relic technology left behind long ago by the ancient race of Eldan. This game is rich with lore locked away in voiced data recordings, welcome yet sporadic cinematics, and an in-game encyclopedia. The planet itself is a playground with an emphasis on fast and fluid motions. Sloping hills, hard to reach vantage points and colorful puzzles litter the world. There is a great sense of adventure in an environment that is bright and boisterous and ready to be explored – which is recommended thanks to the many hidden secrets and achievements stashed off the beaten path.

The eight playable races range from human type characters, machines, dragon-kin and rock giants to ADORABLE rabbit people? I play an adorable rabbit person and I love her as an Esper class. Speaking of classes there are six that all feel mechanically unique and handle differently, though all are capable of holding their own when it comes to dishing out damage, as well as supporting a party in a healer or tank role. There are also four secondary occupations in WildStar’s Path System. Settler, Soldier, Scientist and Explorer, each have a unique mission to help establish your faction on Nexus and you can only choose one.

With this incredible game going free to play I really hope to see a surge of new player activity and a larger player base as a whole. The one drawback that I have noticed is a lack of other people to interact with in my short time playing the game. This of course could be due to the fact that I am still fairly low-level in a game that has been live for over a year and that I have only been playing for the month before the game went free to play. There is of course a subscription option as a signature player should you choose to do so. Signature status grants you bonuses along the lines of more character and bank slots, larger housing decor options, xp bonuses and a mild slew of other perks. So far I haven’t really noticed that a subscription is at all necessary as all of the game content is available for free and the paid perks are not game breaking, but if you would like to see the list of options click HERE. The game itself is also free to download and seeing that there is no longer a required sub fee I really hope to be seeing more of you blowing stuff up with me in this fantastic world!


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