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Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Physical Gwent Cards

written by Jon "BatPool" M May 11, 2016
Gwent gameplay

Now that CD Projekt RED has confirmed the release for Witcher 3’s next expansion, Blood and Wine, you can now pre-order the associated Gwent card pack.  Just as with Hearts of Stone, if you have the season pass for Witcher 3, you can pay an extra $9.99 plus tax and shipping/handling to order your physical Gwent decks. This will save you $5 off the retail price and you may get it sooner than retailers.  You’ll have to follow the directions here to get your order in.

Blood and Wine Gwent

Gwent is a collectible card battling game within Witcher 3: Wild Hunt consisting of four faction decks with a minimum of 22 cards in each deck. The factions are Nilfgaardian Empire, Northern Realms, Monsters, and Scoia’tael.  When the first expansion, Hearts of Stone, released the available physical decks were Scoia’tael and Monsters.  With Blood and Wine we’ll get Nilfgaardian Empire and Northern Realms decks.  The rules within Witcher 3 are the same with the physical game.  If you’re still not sure on how to play Gwent, you can check out this explanation of the game.

Gwent is one my favorite things to do while Playing Witcher 3.  Most shop keeps, bartenders, blacksmiths, and herbalists are all available to play this easy to learn, hard to forget card game.  The great thing about it is whenever you play against a new person within the game, if you win you earn a new card.  Some characters carry rarer Hero cards which are unaffected by status effects and usually do significant damage.

Blood and Wine will be available May 31, 2016.  And if you’re looking to get the first set of Gwent cards from Hearts of Stone you can order below:

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