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Be a Wizard in the Sheets with Harry Potter Lingerie!

written by Quinzel Lee August 9, 2017
Harry Potter Lingerie

If you thought we were going to stop at Disney Princess lingerie, you were wrong. Harry Potter Lingerie is the hottest thing that muggles can’t wait to get their hands on! And it looks quite magical.

Head over to Yandy.com to check out the latest item in Yandy’s Fantasy lingerie line. Harry Potter-inspired lingerie is listed on the website as “Magical Student Fantasy Lingerie Costume”. The lingerie sportsĀ Gryffindor’s signature colors with accuracy. It would be even cooler if all of the houses were included in this collection. How awesome would it be to have a set for Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin as well? Nevertheless, I’ll take all the Harry Potter lingerie as I can get.

Harry Potter Lingerie

The website description of the item:

Cast a bewitching spell in this exclusive Magical Student Fantasy lingerie costume featuring a sheer, grey lace crop top with a white collar, a sheer, burgundy high waisted panty with a grey lace trim, a cheeky cut back, removable burgundy and gold suspenders, and a matching striped tie. (Glasses and wand not included.)

Unfortunately, this is a pre-order and it’s looking to ship out on or a tad before November 1st. So, may not be in time for Halloween if you had your heart set out on that. However, it could be a really good Christmas gift for that special someone!

This is the only Harry Potter inspired lingerie set so far available on the site. It is part of a collection that includes Cruella De Vill and Little Red Riding Hood lingerie, as well as Wonder Woman inspired undies!

What do you all think? Will you head over to the website to check out what other geek-inspired lingerie they have? Ladies, would you wear something like this? Give us your thoughts and sound off in the comments now!

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