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Wolfman has Nards! Mondo releases Monster Squad Vinyl Art Set!

written by Surllio April 28, 2016
Monster Squad Promotional Art Poster

Most children from the 80’s will have some kind of memory of the film Monster Squad.  The film is a fantastic mix of stylized make up effects, cheesy-but-quotable one liners, and that distinct 80’s charm.  For many of us from that era, it was a movie we could watch, quote, and just have fun with.  Well today is a day for joy for fans of the film.

The company Mondo has announced the release of 4 exclusive artwork covers 7 inch vinyl single print records.  This is in build up for the full soundtrack release later this year which will also on vinyl. The 4 different covers have different release dates and locations:

Monster Squad Frankenstein Vinyl Art

This fantastic Frankenstein cover will be available in record stores around the United States in May of this year.  The artwork is by Jason Edmiston.

Monster Squad Gillman Vinyl Art

This artwork of the Gillman, by Randy Ortiz, will be available in the U.K. around the same time.
Monster Squad Dracula Vinyl Art

This piece of Dracula is a wonderful recreation of one of the posters in the movie.  The art is by Phantom City Creative.  This version will be exclusive through Mondo’s website.

Monster Squad Wolfman Vinyl Art

Finally we have this artwork of the Wolfman by Gary Pullin.  To acquire this one, you will have to be at the Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, TX.

The singles will have the songs “Rock Until You Drop” on side A and “Monster Squad Rap” on side B.  The first song is featured in the 80’s montage that was a staple of every movie of the time.  The later is the ending credits theme.  Both songs are extremely catchy and full of that distinct 80’s goodness.

This set will make a fantastic additions for collectors, especially with each one being exclusive to a region or event.  It definitely will give Monster Squad fans something to chase down until the full album drops in the fall.

What do you think?  Do you like the artwork?  How do you feel about the exclusive artwork?  Let us know!

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