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‘Wonder Woman 1984’: Our First Look at Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah!

written by Johnny Perkins June 28, 2018
Wonder Woman and Cheetah

‘Wonder Woman 1984’

While we are still a year out from Wonder Woman 1984, we are beginning to get details and see first-look images. Since Wonder Woman left Themyscira during World War 1, she helped save the world and end the war. She lost all she held dear for the greater good. So for 66 years, she has been assimilating into society. It’s safe to say we’re going to see Diana similar to how she was in Justice League. She understands the ways of the world and has spent enough time with mankind to blend in. Hopefully, she’ll have some sort of lair or hideout with cool stuff and maybe an invisible plane. However, what I’m looking forward to the most is Kristen Wiig as Cheetah. Our first look is below!

Kristen Wiig, Cheetah

Notoriously funny Kristen Wiig is playing a villain. You heard that right, a villain. She will be playing Cheetah, the current version from the comics, Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva. This version of Cheetah has been around since the late ’80s so it makes sense this movie will be set in 1984. Barbara Minerva in the comics shows up looking for Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth. She is ambitious and kind of an asshole. Her powers and Cheetah persona come from a ritual she undergoes in an African village she finds similar to Themyscira. As Cheetah, Barbara becomes half human/half cheetah. Older forms of Cheetah were just a woman in an outfit. Although whether or not they go with a woman in a suit or a cheetah person, they both have the same powers. These are super strength, agility, night vision, superior hunting, and basically everything a cat can do. She’ll definitely be a formidable foe for Wonder Woman!

Gal Gadot looking at TV's in Wonder Woman 1984

Other First Looks

So we have also seen Chris Pine pop up in pictures on set and we now have an official look at him. He doesn’t look like he’s aged much in 66 years. So Steve Trevor will be back, somehow. It could be a Captain America situation or maybe he’s just in Diana’s mind as a flashback/mental projection. Considering the DCEU, they’ll probably find a way to bring him back that makes sense. Maybe Ra’s Al Ghul has something to do with it. I wonder what else we’ll learn in the coming months. The film is set to release November 2019, so there is a long time for Patty Jenkins to surprise us. I wonder when we’ll see Kristen Wiig in her full Cheetah look.

Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984

So what do you think about Kristen Wiig as Cheetah? Do you think ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is going to be better than ‘Wonder Woman’? Let us know in the comments and catch up on the first movie here:

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