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I Was A Wonder Woman Bride And It Was The Best Nerd Wedding Ever

written by Quinzel Lee June 1, 2017
Bride putting on wonder woman tiara for nerd wedding

Weddings are usually a time for a big poofy white dress, flowers, and matching bridesmaid dresses. But a nerd wedding is a time to do whatever you want and that’s exactly what I did. I recently got married and followed my own advice. I, the bride, as Wonder Woman, and Hubby as Superman, had the most amazing, stress free time by following one rule. Well, two: Get married and have fun. And we certainly did have fun! We gave ourselves a big timeframe that meant we wouldn’t be rushing to get everything sorted. We had plenty of time to decide if we wanted to get tent rental kansas city for the reception, how many guests we would have, what would be on the menu, what little quirky touches we could add to make it even geekier, anything to make the wedding more unique. Here are just a few of the things we did:

The shoes

So, like, my dress was pretty traditional. I assumed I wouldn’t look good in one and looked up some Wonder Woman formal cosplays in the beginning. But my lovely maid of honor convinced me to make an appointment with DB and…we had the stereotypical crying and saying “this is the dress moment” but I wanted to make one thing clear: I wasn’t going to kill my feet in heels. At the end of the day though, I was so happy that I had found the perfect dress for my wedding. If you are planning on getting married then there are loads of places that you can go to. For example, you could check out somewhere like https://www.winniecouture.com/stores/wedding-dresses-beverly-hills-ca/ to see if they have the perfect wedding dress for you. All that matters though is that you feel like a bride on your wedding day. It’s your day so you can wear whatever you like.

A friend of mine paints shoes and so she painted Wonder Woman on my tennis shoes. She added gold shoe laces to look like lassos. My feet were happy all day.

Nerd Wedding Wonder Woman Shoes

The Tables

We had it set up for the ceremony and reception so no one had to drive anywhere. So how did we keep people entertained? We had games on the table. Scrabble, Jenga (Valentine version), Blokus, and Family Feud Marvel Edition were just a few of the games we had for our guest to play.

Nerd Wedding table setting with Blokus on table

The flowers

Remember I mentioned earlier that weddings were a time for flowers. Well, we did have them, just not in the traditional sense. I looked up a tutorial on YouTube of how to make comic book flowers. Before you cringe and say I slaughtered perfectly good comics, I used books that my local comic store left out in a box. Most were damaged or had the covers torn off. Recycle, Reuse, reduce. Making these flowers were no easy feat. I started bit by bit and while working full time, it took me about four months to make my bridal bouquet, two bridesmaids bouquets, a toss bouquet, and three comic boutonnieres. It’s a lot of work, but if crafts help keep you calm, then I recommend it.

Nerd Wedding Comic Book bouquet

The Cake(s)

We agreed that our cake toppers should be A) Pop Vinyls and B) Wash and Zoe from Firefly. We asked our lovely baker, who was actually a friend of ours just starting her business, to basically surprised us. She asked us what fandoms each of us were into and gave us a smile. I had no idea til the day of the wedding what it would look like. She hand made two cupcake tiers, one with Wash on top, and one with Zoe on top. On each tier, she put a fandom. Hubbys tower had Power Rangers, Overwatch, and outer space on his tiers, and I had Doctor Who, Hunger Games, and Neko Atsume on mine. As far as the taste of the cupcakes, my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Nerd Wedding cupcake tiers

The First Dance

Neither one of us really wanted to awkwardly sway to a slow song. So one night of planning, one of us (can’t remember who) said, “Why don’t we just play just dance?” And thus, the idea of having our first dance be an all out video game competition was born. We chose the song “Single Ladies” (cause why not) and heard an uproar of laughter. He eventually stopped dancing so I could win, since the Kinect was not picking up my feet or legs in my long dress. Compromise is important in any relationship 🙂

Nerd Wedding Just Dance video game with wedding bands on it

The Socks

Usually you see the pic with just the groomsmen wearing the superhero socks, but I wanted in on the fun as well. So I slipped on my Wonder Woman socks. Here’s a pic of us showing them off.

Nerd Wedding groomsmen and bride wearing superhero socks

The Wedding Night

Awesomely enough, our wedding fell on the same day as Naka Kon, a three day anime convention that takes place in Overland Park, Kansas. We stole away to the hotel, and I waddled through the halls in my wedding dress hearing “I love your cosplay!” To which I responded, “Thanks, I just got married!” I received many congratulations from Sailor Moon, Captain America, and even a few Deadpools. I couldn’t imagine spending my wedding night any other way, with the person I love, surrounded by all the things we both love.

Nerd Wedding bride and groom showing wedding bands

Anyway, that’s my wedding. I did without a lot of traditional things such as a ring bearer and flower girl, we did rock paper scissors to see who did their vows first, and excluded traditional food (burgers and dogs were the way to go). At the end of the day, we were a lot less stressed, and I was now married to my best friend and nerd in crime. Here’s to more nerdy adventures together!

I hope you guys enjoyed hearing about my wedding. Let me know what your favorite part was in the comments below.

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