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Wonder Woman Cosmetics at Walgreens

written by Mandi "Mandini" R. May 18, 2016
Wonder Woman Cosmetics Display

Let me start off by saying I am far from a makeup guru. I am 28 years old and I still struggle with my eyeliner sometimes, but I’m an absolute sucker for themed cosmetics. Walgreens is notorious for carrying themed, drug store quality cosmetics including nail polish, “look books”, brushes, lip products, makeup bags, and even hair accessories.

Today, I stopped into Walgreens thinking I would be leaving with a cool beverage and maybe some chocolate covered pretzels, but when those automatic doors opened a beautiful display of red, yellow and blue immediately caught my eye. I heard news of Wonder Woman themed cosmetics coming to Walgreens late this Spring, but to be honest, I had forgotten about it.

Wonder Woman Cosmetics Display

My particular store offered a variety of Wonder Woman themed goodies including some really beautiful nail polishes from ORLY Cosmetics, lip sticks, lip glosses, eye liner, eye shadow palettes, bronzer, and a beauty book. The beauty book contained a variety of makeup products. All of the products were priced at typical drug store prices, ranging from $3.00-$12.00. The nail polish being a name brand was slightly more pricey than the rest of the products, $6.99 for one, and $11.99 for a duo pack.

The products all had clever names as well. For example, the beauty book (pictured below) offers eye shadows in colors named “Golden Age”, “Amazon Princess”, Emancipation”, and “Legendary Pink”. The eye shadow primer is named “bullet proof”, and the lip stick is “Amazonian Red”. The beauty book retails at $12.00.

Wonder Woman Cosmetics Beauty Book

I decided to take the plunge and purchase an ORLY Color Blast nail polish in the color “Wonder Woman”. As mentioned before, this nail polish did cost me $6.99. My first observation of the nail polish in bottle is the beautiful base color of a glittery red. It reminds me of a color I once owned that was named “Ruby Red Slipper”. Mixed into the sparkling cherry red are blue flecks, as well as golden stars. I’ll buy pretty much any nail polish that has flecks and shapes mixed in!

Wonder Woman Nail Polish

The polish took a total of three coats. The first was very sheer, as most glitter polishes are. I got plenty of blue flecks, but no gold stars. The second coat was starting to look a lot more red, and I managed a couple of stars. By the third and final coat I was determined to get a star on each nail, so I did shake the bottle a lot and fished around to ensure I got them, but it looks pretty good! It is a very sticky and tacky polish, so be careful and make sure you let it dry properly, otherwise it’ll get indentations, and ridges in it if you accidentally touch it or graze it on something. Would I pay $7.00 for this again? No. But it’s cute, and I’m glad I have it. You can see the three different coats in the pictures below.

First coat (warning, I’ve just recently stopped biting my nails, and I’m not that great at applying nail polish):

Wonder Woman Nail Polish 1st coat

Second coat:

Wonder Woman Nail Polish 2nd coat

Third and final coat:

Wonder Woman Nail Polish 3rd coat

I didn’t purchase any of the traditional cosmetics, because I have plenty of drug store cosmetics as it is, and to be honest, they’re all pretty much the same as far as quality goes for the most part. I did however look up some reviews of the products, and I found a YouTube review with swatches from Nix92585 that you can view below.

All of these products can be found at Walgreens, and if you don’t have a Walgreens near you, they’re available on their website. Let me know if you check out any of these products for yourself!

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