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Wonder Woman Day is Set For June 3rd So Let’s Keep This Premiere Party Going

written by Quinzel Lee May 16, 2017
Wonder Woman

As if it wasn’t enough to have the Wonder Woman movie premiere on June 2nd, there’s another way you can show your love for your favorite Amazonian Warrior. June 3rd has been deemed by DC comics to be Wonder Woman Day. To find out what special events are going on around this day, keep reading.

Hold on to your tiaras, Wonder Woman super fans, the premiere weekend has a lot in store for you. DC Entertainment is coordinating with comic book stores, libraries, bookstores, and the ever so lovely internet to celebrate Wonder Woman Day and make it big and fun.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Comic book creators who have worked on the character, including Greg Rucka, Cliff Chiang, Marc Andreyko, Shea Fontana and Cat Staggs, will be participating in special Wonder Woman Day events to talk about their love for Diana, with details to be announced soon.” How exciting is that?

If you can’t make it out to those events, don’t worry, there’s even more fun to be had. For Wonder Woman Day, DC will release two special Wonder Woman comics. One will be a reprint of the first issue of the current Wonder Woman comic. The other will be DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Day Special Edition. There will also be a Wonder Woman Activity Kit available for digital download. That’s something that the kids (and lets face it, very adult me) can also get in on to celebrate the day.

You thought that was it, but there’s more! DC All Access will have a full week of Wonder Woman Week of programming. This will start on May 29th, so get ready. Some topics that will be covered are Wonder Woman’s history, interviews with stars of the movie and some knowledgeable comic book artists.

If you are a huge fan of Wonder Woman, there’s plenty for you to look forward to on opening weekend.

Wonder Woman Day scene from movie

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