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Workplace Comedy Coming to NBC; The Twist is It’s Set in The DC Universe

written by J Martell August 15, 2015


Move over FOX, CW, and CBS… another studio wants in on the DC Comics TV series game.

According to Deadline, NBC is bringing in Ben Queen (creator of short-lived A to Z) to design Powerless as a comedy set in the DC Universe. The series will follow an office of ‘powerless’ normal folk who interact with and see DC Superheroes everyday, but are not part of them. Think NBC’s The Office, crossed with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, set in the DC Universe. That’s quite the picture. I’m not sure if it’s a nice picture or not, but it’s a picture.


Ben Queen

No DC characters have yet been confirmed for the series, but it’s a safe bet none of the headliners will make appearances further than newspaper photos/headlines. Certainly B and C listers are possibilities, but I’m thinking more like Ambush Bug type folks. Perhaps the occasional Booster Gold or Blue Beetle dropping by or Martian Manhunter flying by a window. Possibly the odd Dr. Light causing shenanigans down the street.

The news already has various social media users laughing, and not all out of comedic efforts. One Facebook user has even drafted up the scenario of what an NBC Powerless might look as after a year. Their presumed future story with the #SavePowerless hashtag kind of says it all. It does seem a bit out-of-place, a comedy set among what most others would consider flashy action, but perhaps that’s where we’ll see the fun. It could even give Adam West a reason to return to super-heroic fandom! After all, DC Comics have been known to throw out some funny now and again, especially with the recent Harley Quinn comic title. Who knows? We won’t know until we know. It can’t be worst than the 1990’s live action Justice League of America movie that went straight to the bottom of the dollar bin rather than the series it was supposed to become (of which you can catch a short snippet of below if you really want to feel better about the above news).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0kHSllsVOE]

What do you folks at home think? Is NBC the right home for a DC Powerless comedy? Is Powerless even a good idea, regardless of where it finds its home? Let us know in the comments.

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