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World of Warcraft Introduces the New WoW Token

written by kimmyink90 March 3, 2015


World of Warcraft has just announced a new way for players to exchange their gold and game time between one another.

The item that allows players to do this has been dubbed the WoW Token.  This new way of exchange will require players to purchase the Token through the in-game Shop.  Players can then sell it through the Auction house for gold at the current market price.  Once purchased, the Token then becomes soulbound and from that moment, the player can redeem it for 30 days of game time.

If players wish to buy a WoW Token for gold, they can do so by going into the Game Time tab in the Auction House and purchase one for the current buyout price without having to bid.  When the WoW Token is up for sale, the player will then be quoted an amount of gold they will receive once another player has purchased it.  Even if the market price changes, players are guaranteed the quoted amount.

It is reported that the Token was created to give players more options when paying for their subscriptions.  It was also created so those who wished to purchase gold could do so with ease.

However, the Token has not yet been released, but according to WoW’s website, it should be released in an upcoming patch.

If you want more details on the new WoW Token, you can check out the FAQ here.

What do you think geeks?  For all of you who play World of Warcraft, does this make things easier for you?  Do you think you will use this system as a way to pay for your subscription?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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