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Writing comic strips: Your ultimate checklist

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg December 20, 2017

The Ultimate Checklist for Creating a Hilarious Comic Strip

Comic strips are some of the best ways of exercising your artistic nature or just passing time. That is why https://scoobydomyessay.com/buy-essay has compiled this checklist to help you get everything correct before embarking on your next comic strip project. With these simple guidelines, you will be able to know what to include in the right place so that your readers don’t lack any necessary element to help them understand and enjoy your message. Read on to discover more.

What Do I Want to Say?

Before working on anything else, you should work on the story. When doing this, you should ask yourself whether you have fully settled for what you want to say and the points you want to make. Also, you should clarify what you need to achieve at the end of the strip. It is also necessary to come out clearly regarding the exact and number of words/pictures you will use in the strip.

Have I Visualized My Characters?

Remember, your strip is nothing without characters. Therefore, it is necessary to visualize the characters you are going to use in the strip and start drawing them. In this visualization process, you should determine the qualities of the characters you will use. For instance, you have to establish whether your character will be a conniver, a humble man, a naughty child, or anything that corresponds to the goal and theme of your comic. Also, it is necessary to determine if they have any special features such as a funny hairstyle, a big mouth, long ears, or long legs. Lastly, you will need to determine the mood of all your characters. For example, you may want them to be angry, sorrowful, excited, or afraid.

Have I Visualized My Settings?

Never forget to visualize the settings of your comic. If you want to write a strip about kids, you should determine whether you want them to be in a home, classroom, or sporting setting.

Have I Used Appropriate Colors?

Your comic is incomplete and dead without color. Therefore, you should decide the colors you will use to bring the best of your characters in terms of liveliness and performance. When choosing your colors, don’t forget to factor in the context of the characters. For instance, if you are dealing with an innocent baby, green would not be a fitting color since it will portray him as a villain.

How Relevant Are My Colors to My Strip?

Lastly, you should ask yourself about the role your color choice will play in expressing the prevailing mood within the setting. For instance, if you intend to bring out comfort and warmth, you will need to use colors such as yellow and orange.

You now have the ultimate checklist for your future comic strip projects. We believe you will take your comic skills to the next level by following the requirements of these guidelines. With all these insights at your fingertips, failure should not be one of your options.

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