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Xbox Announces Colorful Customizable Controllers

written by Jessica "RavenPwnz" D. June 13, 2016
xbox customizeable controller

Good news Xbox fans! The Xbox Design Lab announced that customizable controllers for your console will be available soon! You will be able to chose your colors, and have over a whopping 8 million color combinations to chose from, and you will even be allowed to monogram your controller with your gamertag!

xbox customizeable controllers

According to The Verge, these controllers will be the same ones that will come with the Xbox One S, which means there will be the improvements over the standard controller including a textured back panel and Bluetooth for better range. These new customized controllers will go for $79.99. If you do choose to have your gamertag laser engraved onto your controller, you can do so for an extra $9.99. Although the controllers won’t be shipping until September you can still preorder them.

This is definitely a step up in terms of adding your own gaming flare to your overall gaming experience!

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