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Xbox: Project Scorpio, What We Know

written by Jon "BatPool" M June 13, 2016
Project Scorpio

E3 2016 is under way, and with it, some amazing new games and tech. The Xbox panel, in particular, shed some light on rumors of new consoles in the near future. Xbox CEO, Phil Spencer, confirmed those rumors and unveiled what is still being called Project Scorpio.


What is so special about Project Scorpio? It comes down to the evolution of the gaming industry. Technology is always advancing, and at rather fast pace. With the newer Virtual Reality (VR) equipment becoming available, us console gamers want in on the action. Xbox has the answers. While this console will be packing some hardcore gaming specs, there is no need to worry about the future of Xbox One. All future games will be playable on all Xbox One consoles. That also includes the new Xbox One S that was also confirmed.

It's the Xbox One S

Microsoft says the machine will run at a performance speed of six teraflops and support both 4K gaming and ‘high fidelity VR.’ They are claiming that this will be the most powerful console ever made. Okay, so what is a Teraflop? A teraflop is a measure of a computer’s speed equaling a trillion floating point operations per second. So Scorpio will run a speed of 6 trillion floating point operations per second. That is an insane amount of data and code running seamlessly. This is specifically aimed at 4K HD and at VR capabilty, as VR immersion uses tons of data.

Project Scorpio

While the library of games will be open to all consoles, many of those games will feature improvements because of the more powerful hardware. Spencer referred to Halo 5 as an example.

“While the game is capable of running at 1080p and 60 frames per second on the Xbox One, often the resolution drops in order to maintain a solid framerate. On Scorpio that won’t be the case. When a game like that runs on Scorpio, it’s going to run at maximum resolution the whole time.”

Scorpio Halo 5

As far as a release date for the Scorpio goes, Spencer said that it will be here next year (2017). We don’t even have an idea of what the overall machine will look like at this point. I’m assuming that Microsoft wanted to get the news out there because of the numerous rumors floating around. We could also look at it as Xbox saying, “your move, Playstation.”

As always, we will keep you up to date as more details become available. Be sure to check back as E3 continues. We have team members there to bring you live coverage from the convention center.

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