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Xena: Warrior Princess – NBC Plans for a Reboot

written by phenixfyre July 21, 2015


xena 2

“What’s the matter with your men? They look like they’ve seen a ghost.” -Xena

Fans may be asking themselves the same question if NBC gets their way.  It’s been reported that NBC is collaborating with the original producers of Xena, Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi, to make a reboot of the show happen, and Lucy Lawless is totally on board!  While not official as of yet, reports seem to point to the fact that NBC is trying to find a writer for the show.  Lawless says she would love to reprise her role in the show and has pitched her own idea to producers as far as her resurrection goes.



While this doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll come back as Xena herself, producers are keen for to have some sort of on-screen and off-screen role.  The reboot is rumored for a possible 2016 airing.  Anyone else excited?

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