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YouTube is Entering the TV Streaming Game

written by Tiff Hostetler February 28, 2017

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These days, people are looking for more ways to cut the cable and stream their favorite shows at a better price, and with more viewing options. Following in the path of other TV streaming services such as Direct TV Now and Sling TV, YouTube is looking to deliver.

For $35 a month, US residents will be able to stream shows from some of the biggest networks. CBS, ABC, NBC, ESPN and Fox are among those included. Unfortunately, it won’t include channels from Viacom or Turner. Along with many major channels, subscribers will also get unlimited DVR space with the downside of DVR’d programs having a six month expiration date. Sorry, TV hoarders who “always plan to get around to those shows,” but we all know won’t happen. YouTube TV viewers also get Red exclusive programming. The service will be watchable through all smart devices. Presumably, including gaming consoles, Roku, Fire TV Sticks etc. It will also work with the new Google Home.

Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO said Tuesday that the service came about with millennials in mind. Saying, “Millennials love great TV content, but they don’t want to watch it in the traditional setting.”

YouTube TV doesn’t launch for a couple months, but you can sign up on youtube.tv now, and be notified when it becomes officially available.

What are your thoughts on TV streaming services? Are they worth the hype? Do you plan to use or maybe even make a switch to YouTube TV?

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