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You’ve Heard of Disney Swimwear: Get Ready for Disney Lingerie

written by Quinzel Lee May 26, 2017
Disney lingerie models jasmine ariel and snow whire

It wasn’t too long ago that Hot Topic announced their line of Disney Swimwear. But now, get ready for some late night fun with Disney Lingerie.

Yandy, known for its sexy lingerie, has now launched a princess lingerie line. It is now available for pre-order. Think you’re going to break the bank if you buy it? Think again! Most items are under $30 in this line. So that’s a complete steal! These items will ship anytime between May 30 and June 1st if you order now.

Take a look at the Midnight Curfew lingerie set. It’s all about getting down to business to be back in time for curfew. Seems like something cute and flirty for Cinderella to wear under a ballgown. The site offers a description for those of us who are curfew breakers, ¬†“Ignore your midnight curfew and make it a long, romantic night in this Midnight Curfew Princess lingerie costume featuring a blue lace bra with strappy detailing, a high harness neckline, spaghetti straps, a tie back closure, a matching panty with a strappy waistband, O-ring accents, a thong cut back, and a blue lace garter with a white satin bow accent.”

Disney Lingerie blue cinderella

Another cute item is the New Land Fantasy Princess Lingerie set. This one is supposed to resemble Pocahontas. The description says¬†“Get adventurous with your sweetie in this New Land Fantasy Lingerie costume featuring a tan lace bra featuring sheer underwire cups, a sheer neckline panel, adjustable spaghetti straps with ruffled lace trim, a feather embellishment, a tie back closure, and a matching high waisted panty with a black waistband, a sheer lace skirt, and a cheeky cut back. (Headpiece not included.)” Though the headpiece is pretty simple and something that could be made on your own if you wanted to complete the look.

Disney Lingerie pocahontas set

So what do you guys think? Are you willing to give this lingerie line a try? Sound off in the comments below!

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