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Zac Efron Will Put on the Symbiote for Venom

written by Jordan Cobb April 1, 2017

Its still a bit odd to know that the Venom movie is finally happening, but now we seem to know who is going to be taking on the role of Eddie Brock himself and that would be none other than star of the upcoming Baywatch film, Zac Efron.

Yes, the R-rated standalone film for the longstanding Spider-Man anti-hero already has its leading man, which is good considering that Sony is still aiming to release the movie next fall. Most interesting though is that Efron himself announced it on his Twitter account, but it has since been deleted. See the gone tweet for yourself below.

From the looks of it this is a case of premature announcing, it happens to everyone at least once in their lifetime. For example, Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland had done the same, with posts across his social media teasing him as Spider-Man before he was officially announced as the wall crawler days later. Though I expect Sony to officially confirm the casting within the next few days.

Now for my money, Efron is more than capable to take on the role. He’s moved far away from the days of High School Musical and proven himself to be a very versatile, particularly in comedy as the Neighbors films show, but he can do dramatic as well. Plus he’s already got the muscles on top of muscles to really give Venom that jacked look.

What do you think of the news? Are you happy with Efron as Eddie Brock? Who would you want to play Venom? Let us know in the comments below!

Oh yeah and, APRIL FOOL’S!!!

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