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Zemeckis in Talks to Adapt Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’

written by Christina Ortega Phillips June 29, 2018
anjelica huston in The Witches

If you’re a bookworm you probably have heard of the author Roald Dahl who is known for The Witches, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and more. I was first introduced to Dahl’s work when my fourth grade teacher spent weeks reading Matilda aloud to us. It was one of the first times I identified so strongly with a book character. Though now that I am older and a lot of my friends have children who sometimes act up, I admit that I find myself sometimes relating to the Grand High Witch.

You may or may not know who the Grand High Witch is if you haven’t read Roald Dahl’s The Witches. But it may sound familiar to you. Yes, Anjelica Huston played her in 1990 in what has been called a “loose adaptation” of Dahl’s novel.

Grand High Witch and two other witches from the 1990 film, inspired by The Witches

But now it looks like we will be getting a more faithful adaptation of the book. The Witches, if you have not read it, is about witches, but not the fairy tale kind you may expect. No, these witches are real. According to the summary,

…Real witches don’t ride around on broomsticks. They don’t even wear black cloaks and hats. They are vile, cunning, detestable creatures who disguise themselves as nice, ordinary ladies. So how can you tell when you’re face to face with one? Well, if you don’t know yet you’d better find out quickly-because there’s nothing a witch loathes quite as much as children and she’ll wield all kinds of terrifying powers to get rid of them.”

So what about the upcoming adaptation? Variety is reporting that Robert Zemeckis (Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Back to the Future) is nearing the end of negotiations with Warner Bros to direct a new adaptation of The Witches. Zemeckis will also be working on the script. Also tied to the film so far are Alfonso Cuarón and Guillermo del Toro as producers. Del Toro has been linked to a new adaptation of The Witches since expressing interest in 2008.

Who do you think could be the next Grand High Witch? What do you want to see in this new adaptation? Tell us in the comments!

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