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Zen Studios wins again with their Women of Power tables for Pinball FX!

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. October 4, 2016

We keep it as no surprise that we love Zen Studios¬†and their dedication to the virtual Pinball game they’ve mastered. They put so much love into their work and each subsequent table they put out is better and better. Each licensed property is given the fan service that most developers don’t do. Has Zen done it again with their Women of Power tables? Can we scream yes?

It's a Pinball table

The Women of Power set is two tables, one based around A Force and the other Ms Marvel. The opening scene for A Force is crazy fun and one of the best I’ve ever seen for any pinball game ever. Zen really amped it up for this table and they deserve an A+ just for that. The table it self is crazy cool, way full of Marvel goodies including the uber hot popular Black Widow. Every time I flipped a steel ball of destruction upwards, I found another great tidbit that I hadn’t seen before, it’s full of Easter eggs that may cause you to drop a ball or two. Beware.

The Ms Marvel table had no wicked opening scene but that didn’t deter from how nifty the table was. Another insanely detailed environment, full of little items packed in to keep even the most eagle eyed fans busy for many a play through. I loved the fact that the Ms Marvel avatar hanging out on the left side was interactive, she would stretch out and grab balls and other things. It helped with the overall fun of the table. Another stellar effort from our pals at Zen.

It's a Pinball table

Whether you’re fans of the Women of Power or just pinball fans in general, you must pick this set up. Two perfectly cool tables that sum up the philosophy behind Zen¬†Studios. Make great tables, each better than the one before it. I don’t think I could ever be disappointed by Zen.

It's a p

Thank you Zen Studios for the tables, I played them in my ever growing Xbox One collection.

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