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Zombie Nativity scene draws ire of Homeowners Association.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. December 7, 2015


Jason Dixon of Deer Park, Ohio went a little non-traditional for his holiday nativity scene. He decided he would scare the bejesus out of his neighbors with his Zombie Nativity display. Problem is, he drew the scorn of higher ups.
Last year Dixon was informed he couldn’t have the scary spectacle up again without the proper permits. This year he did as requested but was denied. The official reason was it was too big for his yard. Dixon didn’t buy that reason and went ahead with his usual zombification. Now his homeowners association is fining him over it.
The HOA has fined Dixon $500 and is alleged to do it daily until he takes it down. They can do that because he doesn’t have the permits he was denied.
Dixon feels that if he had a regular Nativity scene he wouldn’t be fined and there would be no problems. He thinks someone got offended and is raising a stink. No word yet if the HOA plans to go through with another fine or if Dixon will fight back.
I ask you fellow geeks to weigh in on this. Is Dixon being a little too free with his free speech or is the HOA being a little too heavy handed with their powers? Sound off in them comments below!

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