Geeks of the world. You have seen us post leaked pics of the fabled DHTG phone…Well its a real thing thanks to dbrand and their kick ass skins. Do you ever get tired of cases on that lovely phone? Remember when you bought your phone because it was thin and sleek….next thing you do is throw a huge clunky case on it. STAAAPPPP! If you are like most of the world you do not need that heavy-duty protection. You simply need something to keep the phone from scratches and small marks. dbrand knows that and have released some of the funkiest skins on the market. You got tons of colors and lots of material choices from wood to leather and more. Check out the link below and see about it for your phone now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Now on to the giveaway. dbrand has graced us with an unlocked LGG3 skinned out for DHTG. We want to give it to one of you lucky geeks. This contest is simple. Follow the steps below in the box and do each step to get points (aka entries). Some of them you can do every day! This contest is open to anyone and full international. This is a one of kind DontHateTheGeek skin on front and back to show your geek pride while rocking your new G3! Contest will run until 10/31/2014 and we will announce a random winner. Phone is fully unlocked and ready for international use (retail $699.99). Big thanks to dbrand for making the LGG3 even more badass with some geek love!

Technology is woven throughout most of our daily activities, calling on a wide array of electronic gadgets to satisfy our communication and entertainment needs.  As consumers embrace smartphone, tablets, and countless electronic devices, makers push their hunger forward with new releases and innovative products.  To stay on the cutting edge comes with a price, but there is no sign of interest waning, so electronics is poised to remain one of the largest spending categories, in terms of retail sales.

To quench the public’s thirst for the latest and greatest electronic technology, manufacturers, consistently strive to remake their products, maintaining high levels of interest in the goods they sell.  For shoppers, the steady evolution of computers, laptops, digital cameras and home entertainment systems is a double-edged sword.  On one hand, the consistent flow of devices through the market leads to price competition and truly innovative features.  But on the other hand, staying current on the latest models of electronic gadgetry is an expensive proposition for consumers committed to keeping pace.

Fortunately, savvy shoppers find ways to have their cake and eat it too.  Saving money on electronics is accomplished using proven frugal approaches that keep costs down, without sacrificing access to state of the art electronics.

Competition Leads to Buyer-Friendly Markets

There is something to be said for brick and mortar shopping that allows you to handle the electronics you need, before making purchases.  Stereos, televisions and other home theater components are also best-chosen through in-person comparative shopping.  In the modern marketplace, however, consumers are familiar with the makes and models dominating some electronics categories, so shopping online has become a popular money saving approach for individuals updating their electronics.  In fact, most retailers maintain interactive websites highlighting sales and promotions, which are honored at the point of purchase.

The good news for electronics shoppers is that the heavily contested consumer market leads to high levels of competition, which in turn keeps prices low.  Web-based resources make it easier than ever to compare prices, enabling surfers to quickly uncover the best deals on items they need.  And though shipping concerns once added considerable cost and trepidation to the process of buying electronics, today’s online vendors have streamlined the process for greatest efficiency.  And to further offset costs, most major retailers offer some form of free shipping for the products they sell.  To save the most money on your electronics buys, opt for the complimentary shipping option, even if it is a 3-5 day wait.

Spend Money on Useful Features

In an effort to capture the largest possible share of the electronics market, manufacturers incorporate a wide array of features into the electronic devices they sell.  While many of the added the bells and whistles enhance the user experience and address bonafide needs, some of the capabilities are beyond the scope of some users’ practical needs.  To save money on electronics, pay for only the features you genuinely need.  When buying televisions, for example, some shoppers are lured by the massive screens available today.  Unless you have a sizable home theater, however, the over-the-top sizes are bigger than what you need.  Avoid overpaying by sizing your television appropriately and spending only what you need to for your particular circumstances.  On the other hand, don’t shy away from bargains on models with advanced features – sometimes the best prices are offered on well-equipped versions.

Despite the high cost of electronics, savvy buyers find ways to save on the items they require.  By tracking prices online and staying true to your actual needs, you’ll land the best prices on electronics.