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Sick of ‘Transformers’? Get Ready for ‘MASK’!

written by Nick Allen April 20, 2018
Portrait of F Gary Gray, director of upcoming MASK movie

Get ready for another healthy dose of 80s Saturday morning cartoon nostalgia! After 11 years of Michael Bay’s Transformers movies doing Michael Bay things, another toy property is coming to the big screen. Announced April 18, 2018, Paramount and Hasbro have struck a deal with F. Gary Gray to direct a film based on MASK. For anyone who isn’t a member of Generation X, MASK stands for “Mobile Armored Strike Kommand” and was a line of action figures. MASK also had their own cartoon series from 1985-86. Basically, MASK was a mixture of GI Joe and Transformers (action figures plus vehicles).

So… How is MASK Different?

While MASK could easily end up being Transformers or Pacific Rim by another name, Paramount seems determined to make it something different. Their choice of F. Gary Gray, director of Friday, Straight Outta Compton, and The Fate of the Furious, indicates that they don’t want a Michael Bay blockbuster knockoff. In their announcement, Paramount stated that they want to find a writer who can create “a contemporary subculture movie with a youth empowerment angle”. I don’t know about you, but I am intrigued.

Gray is an established director with a proven ability to make money with big-budget as well as small-budget films. He has made a wide variety of films, including The Negotiator, Be Cool, and the upcoming Men in Black spinoff/reboot. I’m not sure if something like MASK is in any director’s proverbial wheelhouse. However, if anyone could make something of it, it’s F. Gary Gray.

MASK Poster from 1987, showing the characters and vehicles of the toy line and accompanying TV series.

Honestly, I have no clue what Paramount is going to do with MASK. It could be tongue-in-cheek, almost a parody of Transformers and GI Joe. I hope they avoid that route, though. Instead, it might be a completely serious film that involves those “subculture” and “youth empowerment” angles. Paramount could actually give us something completely new. That’s what I’m hoping for. Again, if anyone could surprise us with a movie based on a Saturday morning cartoon, it’s this director.

Are you stoked for a MASK film adaptation? Or should action figure movies go the way of Toys”R”Us? Let us know in the comments!

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