Thursday , 23 February 2017


Batman’s No Longer in Gotham; Now He’s Stopping Clowns in the UK

Batman holding Jack Nicholson's Joker by the collar

For those of you posting memes requesting Batman to protect us from clowns or villains running for political office, you’re getting your wish. Well, with one of these things, at least.  According to BBC Cumbria’s Facebook page, the World’s Greatest Detective has started making an appearance in the Cumbria County area as a deterrent to the recent clown sightings. This …

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Jamie Lee Curtis Shows up to ‘Warcraft’ Premiere Looking…WoW

Jamie Lee Curtis WoW

As some of you may know, actress Jamie Lee Curtis is a fan of the Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft, also known as WoW. So much of a fan, in fact, that she showed up in costume to last year’s Blizzcon. Last night at the premiere for the Warcraft movie, Ms. Curtis showed up, again, in costume. This time as …

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Jaw Dropping Ciri Cosplay From Witcher 3

TophWei Ciri Cosplay

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the greatest games that I’ve ever played. I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with not only the game, but with the lore and characters. Since the game’s release in May of 2015, we have seen some insanely accurate cosplays of characters from the game. If you want to see an out of this worl cosplay …

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Zootopia Cosplayers Bring Cosplay To Another Level

When Zootopia was first introduced, fans met some interesting anthropomorphic characters including Judy Hopps—a cop who wants to prove she can do anything!—and Nick Wilde—a delinquent who has given up on being anything other than a punk. With so many characters from Zootopia there are endless possibilities for cosplayers to show off their skills. However, there came a small problem …

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Maul Brings Overwatch’s Soldier 76 to Life With His Unreal Cosplay!

Maul Cosplay

Maul Cosplay does it again with another fantastic rendition of an in-game character brought to life! We previously reported his Witcher cosplay which took the nerd world by storm. Many thought his photographs were actual screenshots from the game and this time is no different. Ben, Cosplayer behind the page, took to his site to share with fans an all …

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Cosplayer May Lose His Eye Thanks to Mishap

As many a cosplayer knows, your eyes are very important to take care of. Contact Mishaps occur when contacts are bought cheaply, with Cosplayers suffering ripped corneas, scratching on the inside of their eyelids, and worse, losing their eyes. As Johnny Hybrid, a famous cosplayer, learned in May of 2016. When getting ready to put his 300$ contacts in saline …

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Glorious Cosplay of Juggernaut Revealed

Convention goers are all too familiar with the sight of cosplayers and enjoy seeing the craftsmanship they put into their work. It is always a treat to see some of your favorite characters and try to capture the moment if they are kind enough to let you take a picture. It appears MegaCon in Orlando will get to see one …

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Tank Girl Cosplay Blows Up Facebook!

Emma Rubini Tank Girl

Cosplay is the ultimate way to show off your appreciation for your fandoms. It’s a way to become the characters we love. Cosplay in itself is an entire art form. From matching materials to sew patterns, to fabricating props to pull the whole character to life, to makeup that brings the character straight from the source material. Such is the …

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Geralt of Rivia Comes to Life With This Breathtaking Cosplay!


The cosplayer behind Maul Cosplay is turning the gaming world upside down with his amazing rendition of the beloved protagonist from the award-winning video game series The Witcher. For comparison, this is the character Ben is emulating: This handsome, gruff witcher (a monster hunter for hire) survived many battles, both internal and external, to become the man he is today. With a hard-to-match fighting …

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Geek Art Spotlight: Elly Supalo an SFX makeup artist

EllyCat in Deadpool SFX makeup

Elly Supalo, or EllyCatt on Instagram, is a Special Effects Make Up Artist who has some incredible talent that has come across my Facebook feed on more than one occasion. She has been sharing her art across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and has a solid following across all three because of her impressive work so I would be doing you …

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