Battle world

Battle world

Secret Wars is coming and the battlefield map has been set…now who will survive the event that will END the Marvel Universe as we know it?

The Mega event of 2015 which will pit every main storyline from Marvel’s history against one another in some sort of multiverse war to see what stories will end up becoming the All New Marvel! A New Marvel where lots of fans are speculating that the whole line is planning a complete reboot of every single Marvel comic book. That’s the way I’m taking it all in….I do warn you this is just my theory so far. We can only wait to see what they have in store for us.




Looks like Universal didn’t want Hydra screwing up their plans and decided to drop the Jurassic World trailer today instead of on Thanksgiving.

I’m excited for the thought of Jurassic World being good after watching the trailer, Chris Pratt is bringing the intensity. Oh and Dallas Bryce Howard is looking good in it! What is it with the Jurassic movies and hot redheads?

Watch the trailer below and sound off in the comments. What do you geeks thinks? Is it going to be good? Are you amped for the new dinosaur that was only hinted at?