Wednesday , 22 February 2017


iPhone appears to be a leader of mobile gaming

iPhone appears to be a leader of mobile gaming, which might surprise some people. Android was actually a leader for a while. However, there have been some changes in recent years that might be turning the tables somewhat, making iPhone successful in a way that a lot of people did not anticipate. The balance of power in these tech companies …

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The Tragic Fate of Jar Jar Binks Revealed in New Book

jar jar binks on the battlefield

Let me start off by saying that I will limit my bias as much as possible in this article. I feel very strongly about the Star Wars prequel trilogy; as does every true fan. One of the most polarizing aspects of Episodes I-III is Jar Jar Binks. The Gungan outcast turned delegate to the Galactic Senate seemed to have been …

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Comics, STEM, and the Society of Women Engineers: Entertaining and Educating our Children

engineering comic

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are largely growing fields, and something our children must learn in this ever progressing world of ours. But let’s face it- most kids find these subjects boring, or don’t know much about them at all. The Society of Women Engineers (which I’ll be referring to as SWE during this article) are working to change …

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Listening to Music Anywhere: The Top 3 MP3/Portable Music Players in Games

FAllout 4 PipBoy Music

Vast, Often Quiet World If there is one thing all open-world games have in common it’s that they always have a killer soundtrack. Skyrim‘s sweeping score heightens the sense of adventure, reinforcing your purpose as the Dragonborn. In a game like GTA V, the music often defines the area you’re in. If you hear booming electronica or a slow-jam, it’s always easy …

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Fans Petition for Zack Snyder to Direct The Batman, But Should He?

Earlier this week it was reported that Ben Affleck was stepping down from the role of director on The Batman, the standalone film in the DC Extended Universe that spins off from Affleck’s portrayal of the superhero in last year’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now so many names are on a lot of shortlists as to who could …

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The Wait Is over for Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is not exactly the most anticipated game of 2017, but still a nice way to kick-start the new year. The videogame has been a long time coming and the fans were hoping for a sequel to the Resident Evil 6 to arrive sooner. Capcom announced its intention to return to the roots of the franchise and …

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Deadpool and Suicide Squad walk into a bar but Squad gets the Oscar nom?

It's Deadpool and Harley

Well geeks and geekettes, the Academy Awards, aka Oscar, nominations went out today. Mostly I ignore them and the ceremony itself because the movies they usually present up there in their stuffy designer dresses with double sided tape and socks stuffed in their shorts are droll disasters. Plus most of those movies have been seen by the population of a …

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Wil Wheaton Gets His Own Asteroid. Will He Kill Us All?

Wil Wheaton at Comic-Con

Everyone’s favorite ensign from Star Trek: The Next Generation just got his own asteroid named after him. Well, at least actor Wil Wheaton did. He joins several Star Trek legends in receiving the honor! Asteroid 391257 has been named in honor of Wil Wheaton. Congratulations Wil! @wilw @WilliamShatner @StarTrek — Ron Baalke (@RonBaalke) January 19, 2017 Ron Baalke, who …

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What a Quality Project Management Software Is Supposed to Do

Project management software-collaboration software

Employees generally don’t like drastic changes to functioning systems already in place. These changes are seen as hindrances to a workload that is already strenuous. So, when a boss announces that a new project management software will be used to streamline efficiency, employees are wary. When the promise of the newly adopted system doesn’t reach its lofty expectations, employees are …

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EaseUS Software is the Best Computer Security Solution

EaseUS is the best solution for managing everything when it comes to securing your computer and all that’s on it. We pretty much use computers for nearly everything in our lives for both personal and professional reasons. We use them to store treasured photos of friends and family and to send in that late breaking story before deadline. So that …

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