Wednesday , 22 February 2017


Pokémon GO Adds Over 80 New Pokémon and More in Massive Update

Pokémon GO title

For some reason I just can’t bring myself to delete Pokémon GO from my phone. I no longer play it daily, that honor goes to Fire Emblem Heroes. But, I do find myself firing it up every time there is a substantial update or holiday event. Though it hasn’t been able to grip me the way it did when it released, I …

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5 Couch Co-Op games to enjoy with your Valentine

Young couple playing video games Indoors

What’s more romantic than conquering deep space together? Candlelit dinners are lame.  A truly romantic gesture would be to take your date on a rip roaring adventure through space, time, or maybe even the land of the dead.  Break out the snacks and treat yourself to a night in with your battle partner.  Go ahead, cancel that reservation at the …

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What Does Call of Duty Returning to “Traditional Combat” Mean?

Activision Blizzard held an earnings call on Thursday, February 9. One of the issues that came up was the mediocre success of Infinite Warfare. Call of Duty games can be typically counted on as smash hits. However, the sci-fi themed FPS hasn’t quite met the expectations of even its publisher. As a result, the company has announced a return to “traditional …

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South Park: The Fractured But Whole Delayed… Again

coonNfriends-assemble South Park

South Park: The Stick of Truth was better than it had any right to be. When it was first announced many were worried that Stick of Truth would follow the trend of games based on TV shows and movies by just plain sucking. For a series like South Park that fear was fed by a less than stellar track record. Beginning in 1998 …

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Anime Fans, There’s a Sale on PSN You Need to Take Advantage of!

Ni no Kuni Play Anime Sale

The second week of Bandi Namco’s “Play Anime Sale” started yesterday, and if you’re a fan of anime or the “Tales of…” series, you should check it out. From now until February 13th, Bandi Namco will be offering twenty-two games at up to 80% off! There are some real gems on the list, as well as a few heavily reduced …

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Streets of Rogue: Anarchy, Chaos, and… Gorillas?

logo streets of rogue

My latest gaming addiction is Streets of Rogue. It’s billed as “The world’s only RPG roguelike action stealth shooter brawler co-op megagame,” and I can certainly say I haven’t ever played anything like it. Developed by Matt Dabrowski, Streets of Rogue will be entering early access on March 8th. You may be wondering how I can be addicted to something that isn’t …

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Xbox One: Halo Wars 2 Gets A Launch Trailer!

Halo Wars 2 Poster

Halo Wars 2: A cause worth fighting for! A few months ago, Microsoft announced a brand-new game in the Halo franchise, but probably not the one gamers were clamoring for or expecting. No, it wasn’t the next adventure of Master Chief and Cortana. Instead, we’re getting treated to the sequel of Microsoft’s attempt at a console RTS, Halo Wars 2. You …

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Overwatch: Terry Crews Gives A Mock Audition as Doomfist

Could Terry Crews voice Doomfist a.k.a. The Successor in Overwatch? Overwatch’s already vast, well-balanced roster may be growing in the very near future. Fans everywhere are almost universally agreeing that the next character in the hit shooter’s roster will be Doomfist. The character became a hit with fans (even though we’ve never technically seen him) when his name and gauntlet …

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