Wednesday , 22 February 2017


Captain America vs. Everyone: Secret Empire is Marvel’s Next Event

Marvel Comics is already gearing up for its next big event book and its taking everyone in the Marvel Universe to bring down Captain America! Following the aftermath of the recently wrapped up Civil War II, Secret Empire will be a nine-issue story starting in April with Secret Empire #0. The story will further explore the reveal made last year …

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Luke Cage Heads to New Orleans for Brand New Solo Comic

Can’t get enough of Luke Cage? Don’t worry there will soon be more of Power Man himself. David F. Walker is set to write a brand new solo book simply titled Luke Cage that will be drawn by Nelson Blake II of Romulus and The Magdalena. It starts in May, but that does mean a month before in April, Power …

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Image Expo Not Planned for 2017, Announcements Coming at ECCC

As I’ve shown on the site before, I quite fancy Image Comics as maybe the best comic book publisher today. Granted that does seem to be a popular opinion today as opposed to when the company first launched 25 years ago, but its hard to not disagree given the quality of their stories and the caliber of the creative teams …

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Comic Book Recommendations for Brand New Readers to Enjoy

It’s safe to say right now that comic books are a bit of a big thing. I mean DC Comics helps make up for a good chuck on CW programming almost every weeknight. Oh and there is also this Marvel Cinematic Universe that is making pretty much all the money in theaters. Comic books are being adapted left, right, and …

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Marvel’s America #2 Cover Showcases Powerful, Diverse Women

marvel Miss America

A day after the Women’s March in Washington D.C., Marvel displayed a strong, culturally diverse support of women with the cover of its second edition in the new series America.  Featuring an image of some of the strongest and most skilled women of Marvel, the piece was created by series artist Joe Quinones. The art itself was heavily influenced by …

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Paul Dini Writing Backup Story for Current Harley Quinn Comic

Harley Quinn is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters out there. Even before a single picture or trailer for Suicide Squad came out, she was already an iconic figure ever since debuting on Batman: The Animated Series then transitioning into official DC Comics canon. It’s fascinating how quickly she took off. One of the reasons for that is co-creator …

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Marvel’s Netflix Superheroes Will Lead the new Defenders Book

With all the excitement surrounding the upcoming team-up show with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Netflix heroes, The Defenders, it’d stand to reason that Marvel would launch a brand new Defenders title along side it. Well that certainly is happening, but oddly enough it will be specifically about the very same team we’re going to see on our TV screens later …

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Marvel Comics Overhauling Digital Redemption Codes for Printed Books

Ever since 2011, Marvel Comics had codes along with their printed books, both individual issues and trade paperback that offered a complimentary digital copy of whatever customers had just purchased. That’s all about to change come next month. Marvel has announced that it is completely overhauling the digital redemption codes and only offering them about two or more digital issues …

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Alterna Comics Publishing Newsprint Comics For Under $2

Everyone likes a good throwback every once in a while. Put on a classic shirt or jersey and hey, maybe watch, read, or play something classic from way back then. Its fun to go back sometimes and that seems to be the motto of one independent comic publisher. Alterna Comics has announced a whole new line of comic books retailed …

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