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Cosplayer May Lose His Eye Thanks to Mishap

written by Leda "Ancient Hero" N. June 1, 2016

As many a cosplayer knows, your eyes are very important to take care of. Contact Mishaps occur when contacts are bought cheaply, with Cosplayers suffering ripped corneas, scratching on the inside of their eyelids, and worse, losing their eyes. As Johnny Hybrid, a famous cosplayer, learned in May of 2016.

When getting ready to put his 300$ contacts in saline to go to Space Con Johnny didn’t know his girlfriend Yami—and cosplay partner—had used hairspray which got onto the bottle of saline. After washing his hands, touching the bottle with his wet hands, and then cleaning his contacts with the hairspray infected fingers he ended up putting his contacts in.


His left eye started burning, so he pinched the contact and pulled out a piece of his eye along with the contact. In going to the emergency room, Johnny was warned he may lose his eye and that some cosplayers had lost their eyes over less. Needless to say, Johnny didn’t want to worry his fans, so he didn’t update his news about his eye until after Space Con was over.

The good news is that Johnny is in high spirits, despite his problems with his eye and is even joking that he will incorporate an eyepatch into every cosplay he does if worse comes to worse. In a photoshopped picture of his Gambit Cosplay, you can see he is already incorporating his eyepatch into his current cosplays.


Johnny also had an update yesterday on his cosplayer Facebook Page where he gave us an update on his eye.

“Update on my eye, I’m feeling MUCH better. My vision’s a bit off, but mostly because of the eye cream. THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH for the kind words, it was nice to pass such a crappy time with good vibes from you all.” –Johnny Hybrid

Our thoughts are with you Johnny Hybrid, please keep your upbeat attitude going strong!

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