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Doctor Who Season Eleven Teaser Drops During World Cup Final

written by Ro July 17, 2018
Dr. Who Season Eleven Teaser

The UK had to accept a delay to the Cup coming home after the semi-finals. But, the BBC is here for them. Doctor Who announced on Facebook that a season eleven teaser, giving an exclusive first look, would air during the World Cup finals. Mayhap it’s an incentive to keep the Whovians whose team didn’t make it all the way tuned in.  When Dr. Who says teaser, they mean teaser. There’s no hint for the direction of the coming season. But naturally, I’ll be looking up the cast and speculating…

If you missed the World Cup Finals (France won…celebratory shenanigans ensue) DHTG is here for you too.

Take a look at the Dr. Who Season Eleven Teaser

Doctor Who: Series 11 Teaser

New Doctor Who, New friends, New Adventures. #DoctorWho

Posted by Doctor Who on Sunday, July 15, 2018

The teaser carries the tagline: New Doctor, New friends. New Adventures.

The comments have already begun pouring in with many taking a hard pass due to the casting of the 13th Doctor with a woman. But there are just as many Whovians you understand the basic principles of Time Lording excited about the latest incarnation. So, we shall see what the new season brings.

Just in case you’re behind (why) in the series, here’s a quick reminder of how we got to a lady Time Lord:

At the end of the Christmas episode, Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor regenerated into Whittaker’s Thirteenth.  Upon seeing herself reflected in the computer screen on the bridge of the Doctor’s time-and-spacecraft, the TARDIS, The Doctor’s response was a delighted “Aw, brilliant!”

New showrunner Chris Chiball’s worked with Whittaker before on the BBC show Broadchurch – you should watch it, it’s brilliant TV – and isn’t afraid to take a risk to breathe new energy to the series and broaden storyline possibilities.

But in the meantime….

Headed to San Diego Comic-Con This Year?

You may want to grab Entertainment Weekly’s SDCC preview issue. Jodie Whittaker made the cover along with the TARDIS.

For the collectors out there, Titan, Funko, and Character Options have all unveiled new figurines for the Thirteenth Doctor so be sure to hit up their booths (or grab your purchase tickets) once you get to the big show this coming weekend.

Does the Thirteenth Doctor have you in your feelings? Planning on watching the new season? Hit up DHTG in the comments!

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