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Wait, There’s How Many Cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S10+?

written by Dominic Gomez July 13, 2018
Samsung Galaxy S10+ concept with three rear cameras

This year’s Samsung Galaxy S9 series was a bit of a disappointment. It felt more like an S8 v2 as opposed to a brand new device. Samsung either felt like they simply had to put something out while working on something better, or they truly didn’t have any good ideas this time around.

Samsung definitely doesn’t want to lose footing in the mobile device market because the S10+ is rumored to have a total of 5 cameras. Yes, you read that correctly, 5! According to a Korean website The Bell:

According to several parts industry experts, Samsung Electronics is working on a spec with a total of 5 cameras in the Galaxy S10 +. Galaxy S10 + code name is ‘Beyond 2’, which is the first S series to be equipped with dual cameras (two cameras), and the rear is also equipped with the first triple camera (three cameras).

If these rumors hold up, we may be looking at a Galaxy device with three rear cameras, and two front-facing cameras. That third camera in the back is supposed to be an ultra wide angle camera. Also from The Bell;

The Galaxy S10 + ultra-wide angle camera angle is known to be 120 degrees. The Galaxy S9 + dual camera’s wide-angle camera lens has an angle of view of 77 degrees.

If this is true, the ultra-wide angle camera will have 120-degree coverage. Just for comparison, the incredibly underrated wide-angle camera on the LG G7 covers 107 degrees. Maybe a better comparison would be your eyes, that’s what we want our cameras to reproduce, isn’t it? What we see. The human eye spans 120 degrees, most of that is peripheral vision. You get that? This camera will be able to reproduce the entirety of your field of view! It’s not exact, and none of this has been officially confirmed yet.

At first glance, the addition of a single camera isn’t super exciting, until you dig in a bit that is. I think it would be incredibly fun to play with this camera out in the wild. Nothing was mentioned about the S10 so this rumor applies only to the S10+. Would a viewing angle to this extent make you want to buy an S10+? Let us know in the comments.

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The Bell

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